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Our Laboratory

clinica-dental-adeje-sala-operacionBehind a good dental clinic there is always a great team of prosthetists and ceramists. At Dental Clinic Adeje we have our own laboratory and have formed an inseparable team. Our professionals have their own team of prosthetists and today we are a global reference in aesthetics, biological and metal-free dentistry.
Our prosthetic experts are, above all, interested in attending the wishes and needs of each patient in terms of shape, color and function. This direct patient-prosthetic communication is key in obtaining satisfactory results for the patient.
To increase the performance of our services and to guarantee the best quality in our materials, from the very beginning we have had our own laboratory, something that very few dental clinics can say. Thus we can offer speedy delivery times, repairs within 24 hours, competitive prices, and everything always with impeccable service and quality.
Our laboratory has the latest technologies that allow us to solve any problem brilliantly, from the common to the most unusual.